Binary Ninja


Enhance your productivity with AI and start making reverse engineering easy.

Recover Structures

When the code contains a lot of references to structures and fields, things can get rather cluttered with all of the dereferenced pointers, field offsets, and nesting going on. Let Sidekick clean up and simplify all that by automatically identifying and creating referenced structures through its sophisticated program analyses.

Generate Meaningful Names

Good names convey meaning and help you immediately understand what something is. Without them, it takes valuable time to understand the code. Thankfully, Sidekick analyzes your code and automatically generates meaningful names for functions, structures, fields, and variables.

Summarize Code

Sometimes, the code you're looking at can be quite large and complex. Sidekick can help cut down on the time you spend figuring out the bigger picture by automatically summarizing entire functions with an informative comment. Also, when you're focusing on the finer details, Sidekick has you covered. It can quickly produce clear, descriptive inline comments that explain any logic you encounter.

Answer Your Questions

Don't know something about the code? Delve deeper into analysis of the binary as you drive discussions with the Sidekick AI assistant that possesses a vast amount of knowledge and code reasoning capabilities useful for reversing.

Launch Investigations

Software is complex and can take significant resources to analyze. Sidekick is equipped and ready for you to launch focused investigations of the binary, where Sidekick guides the analysis, looking for evidences of the topic you want to research.

Search Effectively

Looking for something in the binary and not sure where to find it? Sidekick comes with a catalog of powerful scripts that find items you care about. Need something more? Just describe what you want and let Sidekick generate the script for you automatically.

Visualize Behaviors

Tired of looking at busy, cluttered graphs to understand what the code is doing? Sidekick comes with the Code Insight Map view to help you quickly obtain a top-level understanding of the structure and functionality in the binary. Use this graph-based interface to selectively explore the content of and relationships among a focused set of topics.